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Homeland Creation

A homegrown property investment company, has been at forefront of real estate investing solutions in Malaysia.

We are a compliance-first consultancy firm, achieving outstanding results with a diverse portfolio in Malaysia for an exclusive clientele. This is done by assisting our accredited clients in making lucrative entries into the marketplace without shortcuts on due diligence and exposure to unnecessary risks.

Our approach is that of highlighting obvious cost benefits associated with our holistic approach through a fully integrated platform.

Our team of real estate consultants have a thorough understanding of the Malaysian property market and its underlying trends.

As subject matter experts, rigorous use of selection indicators and projections of investment returns have led to more than RM 3 billion in current brokered transactions.

We have also identified strategic partners in the region, each collaborator fully licensed for handling different property asset classes.

Projects selected exemplify our core values while decision-making is based on management consensus.
Essentially, we only implement technical strategies that bridge reputable developers with investors cohesively – offering an extra level of confidence by creating trust and efficiency.

In addition, our services extend to that of accessing capital markets for fund raising, formulating marketing strategies and also property management.
Evidently, Homeland Creation occupies a unique space within the industry. And that makes us an attractive partner capable of providing value and delivering on targeted returns for both retail and institutional investors