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Property Management and Supervision

Canopy L.ives

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Digital Property Investment –
The New Norm Today

It has been decades since property Investors buy a property, conventional rent for the long term, wait for capital appreciation, and sell when property prices increase.

We, at Canopy L.ives with the collaboration in The Infinitum KLCC, a flagship development by Macly Equity are the Digital Property Investment Experts that use digitalize platforms for tenants/guests for mobile check-in should they book their stay from all around the world via, Airbnb, Expedia, Agoda, CTrips and many more.

Besides having the norm short and mid-term tenants from all around the region, we are engaging in MRO (Multiple Rental Option) rental strategies where we determine the current demand by using dynamic pricing for Properties.

We are the first in Malaysia that uses the fully digital way to operate MRO strategies using our in-house software platforms.

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Let your Properties work for you

In this ever-changing environment, we must be versatile and willing to accept all things must be IoT (Internet of Things ) enabled. Even for your properties!

By having our digital platform, Not only that your properties will enjoy the MRO earnings, but you will also enjoy the earnings from home utility services charges, gifts, tourist packages, and in the future, many more as Canopy L.vies is moving forward by engaging the digital Edge in managing properties with APPS.

Pricing Strategy is never about Cost and Pricing as we design our algorithms to set the room rate by analysts giving the best suitable pricing for weeks and months ahead.

At Canopy L.vies Innovation, we will strive to bring the best to all property owners. By having digital Investment properties, Owners will have hassle-free owning properties everywhere. Whether you are in Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, Europe, or anywhere else, you can monitor the performance of your properties through our platform and all properties related matters will be taken care of by our Digital platform.