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How do we operate?

We are a real-estate investment firm specialising in making it easier to have exposure to opportunities in segments that are typically not accessible to retail investors. This could be due to barriers to entry such as investment quantum or niche markets.

How are we different?

With greater access, investors can enjoy the potential capital upside at the end of the investment cycle. They can also choose to invest in individual properties, or as a collective of assets.
We handle the due diligence and conduct our own feasibility analysis before each investment is proposed to our accredited clients.
There is an alignment of interest as each deal is evaluated based on its own merits. We also provide advisory shelter from adversarial entrants.

Why is this beneficial?

We are proponents of a holistic approach towards lubricating access to developers, property owners and qualified investors with new ways to engage with stakeholders from across the region.
Clients can focus on their core businesses outside of the real estate sector while we provide the white glove advisory services and jointly sharpen the fundraising tools.

Can anyone with sufficient funds and personal wealth invest?

There are strict investor onboarding requirements and anti-money laundering (AML) reviews to ensure that Know-Your-Customer (KYC) conditions are met. Akin to a private equity real estate fund, we try to ensure that our community of co-investors are above reproach when it comes to soliciting their funds.

What is the investing strategy?

Using our network and drawing on our knowledge of retail estate investment, the sourcing division will be on the constant lookout for undervalued gems that fit our investment objectives. From there, negotiations will be conducted to ensure that shortlisted assets are acquired at a fair price. This is so that they are on the right trajectory for capital gains.

How long before my investments will bear fruit?

As with every investment directive, there will be an investment horizon to ensure optimal growth for the portfolio before unloading and taking profits. This holding period will be dependent on the maturity period assigned to each pool with proceeds distributed back to all participants or divested accordingly.

What are the fees and accompanying charges?

Fees structure shall vary based on the investment pool chosen. It often includes the work done managing the pool and oversight of the portfolio. There will be an annual management and performance fees, as well as an origination fee and specific fees where applicable. The familiarisation process will be done by our seasoned associates who will also help investors track their portfolio’s performance.

How does “A Faster Way to Sell your House Fast” work?

We identify sound yet misunderstood or misinterpreted properties and projects, their market, and the current critical needs of our client.
This “hop on, hop off” approach allows our clients to stay agile while we fill in the gaps for them to liquidate their property effectively.

What other services do we provide?

We also assist dynamic developers lay the foundation for success as an extended modular marketing-and-sales arm for new projects. This, in addition to assisting HNWIs and expatriates in purchasing their own stay and investment properties in the secondary market. Our rental management team assists our clients with rental property supervision, leasing and interior design.

These best-practice aftermarket services are critically important to our continued success, which needs to be bolstered.

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